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Because we are on a mission to change lives, we need your support no matter where on the globe you are.  Below are the areas where you can play a key role.

  Various Partnerships

You have been saved for a mission to reach to the world. We need to work with you.  Help us to reach each one and inspire  people with the piercing power of the Word of God. 

Business Mentor
There is too much to do in South Africa and in the rest of the continent for you not to stand up for something!  If you are retired all the better to contribute to the creation of a better world.  The world needs you! You were created for such a time as this. Help us build sound businesses from Africa and let us take over the world.

We are going to build, operate, maintain the largest education institutions in the world. For us to achieve this objective, we need out of the box thinkers, solid educators, principals who have had years of experience, teachers and educators who have new ideas about creating a new kind of a an educational institution.

We need professionally trained people and professional assesors to ensure that our portfolios are growing  making our products exciting and innovative.  

Human Resource Specialists
If you love empowering people in every aspect of their lives we need you to be a partner to help with ongoing development of all our members, clients, and even our other partners.

We are looking for  all professionals in all fields. Whether you a musician,  an artists, an engineer,  a florist, or any other profession to help us make our education exciting and push our people beyond known borders – we need you!    


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