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About Aleazer Foundation

Gugu Moloi
Gugu Dlamini


Gugu Dlamini is the Founder of Aleazer Foundation.  She is a child of God.

On a mission together with an independent Board and management to make a difference in the lives of others, each contributing to the work of Aleazer  Foundation on an ongoing basis.

Our Board of Directors
Led by Pastor S N Dladla who is the Chairman of the Board, the Board of Directors provides  Aleazer Foundation with strategic insight. 

Our Board members come from a diverse background providing the organisation with a rich tapestry of wisdom, knowledge which puts us in good stead to meet the requirements of our clients.  

Our Board members
Brian Lewis, Dr Helga Holtz, Jane Pillay, Protas Madlala all of whom are seasoned Executives in various sectors including, business, health, education and pastoral work.

Our Profile
We are Africa reaching out to the rest of the world to empower and educate people to live a purpose-driven life.

Family X-change programme
designed to create and support winning families – the bedrock of our society.

Youth X-change programme
designed to reach out to our future leaders to help them understand the role they should play in the world and plant the seeds of greatness in their hearts to change the world for the better.

Women X- change programme
designed to reach out to all women to help them understand what a great addition  they are to God’s masterful creation.

Business X-change programme
designed to help small businesses to scale up and become job creators, wealth creators so that  Africa continues to influence the world.

Education X –change programme
designed to provide quality education by consolidating educational institutions to become the centres of excellence in education and empowerment across the continent from pre-school through to University.

Our Value System
We are guided in our work by the following key pillars of our value system:

  • Service – we serve others
  • Character – we have integrity
  • Generosity – we have a sharing spirit
  • Courage – we are fearless
  • Excellence – we deliver our best
  • Commitment – we have to make things happen

Programmes that we run
In order to make a difference in the world, we run a number of exciting  programmes as below:

All families want to succeed. Sadly, in today’s society the roles and function of the man and women have changed so much that our families are no longer as solid as they used to be.  We organise women, men, children seminars to help people understand their roles and responsibilities in the home.  

There are more than 300 million young people in Africa. They are living in the most exciting and challenging continent in the world.  This programme is designed to help them find their calling and channel their energies into things they are passionate about which will change the world in a positive way.

Women in Africa constitute over 50%  of the population.   These brave women have been subjected to all manner of abuses whether they are poor or rich. But now, as Africa rises, so much is possible and what they can do to bring their abilities to make the world a better place from homes to boardrooms.

Africa is a rising power  in the world  and it now has so many opportunities for business.  The world needs businessmen and businesswoman who have moral ethics, who understand economic justice, and who are not driven by greed and selfish ambition alone.

Our Service

Our Commitment Statement
We have been called  and set apart from God to reach out into the world from Africa to help people live purpose-driven lives. 

We commit to treat all our clients, customers, partners with respect, love and professionalism.

We commit to serving all our partners, clients to the best of our ability.

© 2012 Aleazer Foundation Copyright

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